Why I Quit Food Writing (And Why I'm Ready To Start Again)

There's a reason why I stopped food writing and recipe development. Why, after years of finding joy in playing around in the kitchen and sharing the results, I quit.  Actually, there's a couple of reasons.  First: I let the critics get into my head.  The one who stated that my recipe was "bland" because it didn't have enough spice heat; the one who complained that her cake didn't rise like mine did; the ones whose mixture was too dry, too wet or just not what they expected. The ones who told me my pudding was too pale, my tart didn't look set or my cooking times were wrong.  I should have reminded myself that the dish never purported to be spicy and that there are a dozen reasons why someone's cake wouldn't rise. I should have remembered that gluten free flour mixes vary: some are more starchy than others, some absorb more liquid than others, some contain gums. I should have known that altitude and oven temperatures differ, and these variations yie

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